Terms and Conditions

Perpetual Dreams Terms & Conditions

We do not hold any dates or times until we receive a retainer by you or your coordinator. When you choose Perpetual Dreams your Video/Images will reflect the style seen on our website, brag pages and blogs. Retouch/air brush work is included in select packages. At your event we will ask if there are any shots you want this includes guest and or decoration and or scenery. However you are more than welcome to provide a shot list for us to refer to. 98%~ of all imagery will feature the bride and or groom.

Section 1a - Retainer To lock Perpetual Dreams services in place for the date request we require a 30% retainer fee. The retainer fee is based on and deducted from the total Perpetual Dreams package value. This retainer fee will hold Perpetual Dreams services listed in the contract for your selected date. This retainer fee is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due no less than 30 days prior to your date of service. This retainer fee guarantees the services listed in the contract for the date requested.

Section 1b - In special cases where lodging, transportation and or airfare is required we require full payment for travel expenses on top of the 30% retainer fee. It is necessary to lock in the travel rates as soon as possible. This payment is non-refundable.

Section 2a - Cancellations Cancellations 30 or more days from date of services will be refunded less airfare, transportation, lodging and retainer fee. All funds will be forfeited for cancellations 29 or less days of date of service.

Section 3a - Emergency In the event of an emergency or illness the retainer fee will be forfeited and a Perpetual Dreams credit will be issued for any funds collected above the retainer. Perpetual Dreams credit may be applied to a future available date. Any airfare, transportation and or lodging on behalf of Perpetual Dreams will need to be repurchased as the original dated tickets will have expired. Please note if we at Perpetual Dreams can adjust the tickets, transportation and or lodging to match the rescheduled date we at Perpetual Dreams will do everything in our power to assist you.

Section 4a - Perpetual Dreams Credits Perpetual Dreams credits are good for two (2) Years from the original date of service. Perpetual Dreams credits have no monetary value and can only be used for Perpetual Dreams photo & video services which include but are not limited to photography, image retouching and video services. Services and prices provided by Perpetual Dreams are subject to change. Perpetual Dreams credits are non-transferable.

Section 4b - Reschedule Perpetual Dreams credits can be used for the 30% retainer fee securing our services for the rescheduled date. See section 1a concerning the retainer fee. The photography and or video packages Perpetual Dreams offer are subject to change without notice. When rescheduling please contact us for current pricing.

Section 5a - Acknowledgment Any payment received from you and/or on your behalf to Perpetual Dreams or company that contracts Perpetual Dreams is an acknowledgment and agreement to the listed terms in this contract.

Section 5b - Acknowledgment of Imagery All images are property of Perpetual Dreams and associates. We reserve the right to use our images from your event on our web site(s) and or blog(s) and or other associated Perpetual Dreams publications showcasing our work. If you do not wish to have images/video of you used on our website, we request a written and signed notice by you expressing this and we will take your wishes into consideration. We will never sell images of you or your wedding party without written permission.

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